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Limitation From Date Till Date

Limitation Of Executions Count

Use limitation from date till date - the function enables trial limitation from one date till another. Once a protected module is executed, Enigma loader reads the current date, and if the current date precedes the Start trial date or follows the End trial date, the trial period is deemed expired.

You can check the limitation parameters during program module execution with the help of Enigma API. Use the EP_TrialDateTillDate function to get the trial start and end dates. To reset the trial period you can use the functions of registration key verification. If The Enigma Protector loader detects a valid registration key in the system, the trial period will be reset.

Terminate execution after (seconds) - if trial period is expired, the execution of the program module will be stopped after X seconds. If this parameter is set equal to zero, the execution of the module stops before deciphering and executing the main code of the module.

Show Message before termination - check this box if it is necessary to inform the user that the trial period is expired and the execution of the module will be stopped. You can edit the content of the message by clicking the "Design Message" button. If this function is disabled, the execution of the program module will be stopped without any notifications.