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Options Panel

Here are the common Enigma Mailer options used for connecting to the email server and sending emails.

EMail Address

FROM Address - the email address from which the emails will be sent. Note: this address should not differ from User Name and Password described below.

Account Information

User Name - the user name of the email account to connect to SMTP server.

Password - the password of the email account to connect to SMTP server.

Mail Server

You can obtain the SMTP Server name and Port Number from your email provider.

SMTP Server - the url of SMTP server to connect to;

Port Number - the port number for sending emails;

Use SSL - enables SSL connection to the mail server.

Send Delay

Delay - a delay in minutes in case a server error occurs. Sometimes the server generates an error while sending emails. For example, if you are tring to send a lot of emails, the server replies that the number of outgoing emails exceeds the quota. If this occurs, Enigma Mailer will try to send emails upon the expiry of the number of minutes specified in the Delay field.