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Import Database

This feature allows importing License Manager databases from previously created projects into the current one and regenerate registration keys. It may help in the following cases:

  • If you have created a new project for the existing application and want to update the users' registration keys
  • If you have changed the parameters of the registration scheme (Hardware Locking type, Type or Base of registration keys)
  • If you migrate a project from an older version of Enigma Protector to a newer one
  • If you have decided to combine several projects

Step 1. Select the external database file name - files with .enigmadb extension. Click the Next button.

Step 2. Select the Import properties.

Re-generate registration keys - check it if you want to regenerate registration keys from the external database before adding to the current database. Please note that if registration keys stored in the external database are not valid for the current project and you uncheck this option, these keys will not be added.

Add hyphens to the keys - allows regenerating registration keys with hyphens.

Import expired keys - check to import expired keys.

Import stolen keys - check to import stolen keys.

Step 3. The import process has been started. Click the Finish button to exit the Wizard.