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Function KG_GenerateRegistrationKeyFromProject

The function is similar to KG_GenerateRegistrationKey. The main difference of this function is that it reads secure information (PublicKey, PrivateKey, KeyMode, KeyBase and EncryptedConstant) from the project file and you do not have to set up these parameters in the input structure TGenKeyParam. KG_GenerateRegistrationKeyFromProject has one additional parameter - ProjectFile. ProjectFile is a pointer to ANSI - null terminated string, which defines the path to the Enigma Protector project file.

Warning: ProjectFile has to contain an absolute path to the project file.

Return Values

EP_NO_ERROR=0 the function succeeds. In this case, Key parameter of TKeyGenParams structure should contain a pointer to the null terminated string - registration key.
EP_ERROR_UNKNOWN=1 unknown error
EP_ERROR_KEYBUFFEREMPTY=2 memory buffer for registration key is not allocated
EP_ERROR_KEYBUFFERISLESS=3 size of allocated memory for registration key is less than required
EP_ERROR_REGINFOEMPTY=4 registration information is not specified
EP_ERROR_REGINFOTOOLARGE=5 registration information is empty (has a null size)
EP_ERROR_PRIVATEKEYISNOTSET=6 private key is not set
EP_ERROR_PUBLICKEYISNOTSET=7 public key is not set
EP_ERROR_PRIVATEKEYISINVALID=8 private key is invalid
EP_ERROR_PUBLICKEYISINVALID=9 public key is invalid
EP_ERROR_KEYMODEISINVALID=10 key mode is invalid
EP_ERROR_KEYBASEISINVALID=11 key base is invalid
EP_ERROR_CURRENTDATEISINVALID=12 current date is invalid
EP_ERROR_EXPIRATIONDATEISINVALID=13 expiration date is invalid
EP_ERROR_KEYISINVALID=14 key is invalid
EP_ERROR_HARDWAREID=15 hardware id is invalid
EP_ERROR_HARDWAREBUFFEREMPTY=16 hardware id buffer is empty
EP_ERROR_HARDWAREIDINVALIDFORKEY=17 hardware id is invalid for the key
EP_ERROR_PROJECTFILENOTFOUND=18 project file is not found
EP_ERROR_INVALIDPROJECTFILE=19 project file is invalid
EP_ERROR_EXECUTIONSNUMBERINVALID=20 executions number is invalid
EP_ERROR_DAYSNUMBERINVALID=21 days number is invalid
EP_ERROR_COUNTRYCODEINVALID=22 country code is invalid
EP_ERROR_RUNTIMEINVALID=23 run-time value is invalid
EP_ERROR_GLOBALTIMEINVALID=24 global time is invalid
EP_ERROR_INSTALLBEFOREINVALID=25 register before date is invalid
EP_ERROR_INSTALLAFTERINVALID=26 register after date is invalid


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See function examples in the installation folder, Examples\Keygen subfolder.