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This topic includes the most important fields which should be specified.

  • Select file to protect - the file which needs to be protected.
  • Enter output protected file name - the icon of the module you have selected.
  • Output file name is the same as input file - turn this check on to set output file name the same with the original one. The original file name is defined in the Input panel.
  • Do not create backup (.bak) files if output and input file are same - if this option is enabled, no backup file will be created if input and output files are the same. This option also affects the files from Advance Input panel.

Product Information

  • Name - the module product name. Warning: this information is used for generation of some protection parameters, don't change this field for the same module.
  • Version - module version information. It is used to work with Trial Control functions. Do change product version field for every module version.
  • Extract Automatically from file resources - reads the module product name and version from resources.
  • File information - special file information, contains the type and size of the file, main values from the header of 32/64-bits PE Windows executable.