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Protecting Runtime Revolution executables for Windows

Here I describe how to protect Runtime Revolution (RR) executables with Enigma Protector. Please note, all the below tests were done with the file created with Runtime Revolution version 3.5. Enigma Protector became support of these techniques only since 1.76 version.

Let's start!

To start our test we have to have a RR executable. I will use this sample. First, we can try to protect it with Enigma without any modification. Protected file crashes... OK!

I've written small tool, that allows to extract some magic information from our executable (of course, you can use this tool for any other RR files). Download the file, extract RunRevMagic.exe and run it. Imediatelly after running it, you will get a dialog that allows you to select a file. Open our RR sample.exe file. After opening it, another dialog will appear that allows you to save a renrev.dat file. Save this file somewhere into your disk. Purpose of this simple application is to extract magic information from the RR executable and save it into runrev.dat file. This file will be used in the next step.

Next step: we have to place an additional plugin into the Enigma\\Plugins folder. This plugin, named runrevplugin.dll, can be found in the zip archive here: If you have done everything correctly, then run Enigma and go to Miscellaneous - Plugins panel. You can now find the runrevplugin.dll plugin in the list.

Start Protection

Now start protection of our RR file.

1. Open Enigma (create and save new project if you plan to use licensing features of Enigma)

2. On the input panel select our RR file

2. Now enable our runrevplugin.dll plugin: go to the Miscellaneous - Plugins panel and check the runrevplugin.dll plugin

3. Now click protect button. Our file becomes protected. But it does not work yet. To get it worked, place the runrev.dat file, that we generated with our magic tool, RunRevMagic.exe, in the same folder with the protected file. Run it. The application is working well, and it is fully protected.

You can use all Enigma Protector's features for protecting RR files. There are no limitations!

Hide the runrev.dat file

I do not like sharing any files that could help to analyze a protected file... Not sure any cracker will be interested in the runrev.dat. But, we had one input file file. Now we can have a single output file! Do everything that we did in the previous sections, but before protection, before step #3, do the following:

2.5 Go to the Virtual Box - Files panel, enable this feature and add runrev.dat into the list with "Never Write to Disk" option

This feature will hide the runrev.dat file. Then we do not need to distribute the runrev.dat file with the protected executable.

Protect the file and try it. It works! You can download the protected file here.

Downloads: - tool for extracting runrev.dat from RR executable - plugin that need to be placed into Enigma\\Plugins folder - RR sample executable - RR protected executable

If you have any suggestions/comments you may post it in out support forum Forum: Protecting Runtime Revolution files
This article is written for educational purposes only. The author does not carry any warranties/liability for using this information.
Author: Vladimir Sukhov
Date: 19 August 2009