Documentation for Electron EXEs / Applications

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Documentation for Electron EXEs / Applications

Post by FlipOne » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:22 am

Hi Enigma Team,

I think that because of the increasing popularity of the Microsoft-owned "Electron" technology to develop Windows desktop applications, it most likely will help Enigma increase sales and build more business from Electron developers if Enigma can provide extensive, robust DOCUMENTATION on using both the Enigma Protector and the Enigma Virtual Box.

As one of the thousands of professional developers now using Electron to develop Windows desktop applications, I need as much documentation as Enigma can provide so that I can save valuable time when I use Enigma Protector/Virtual Box for these applications.

Right now, I'm developing an Electron application for a client that requires both code protection/obfuscation and licensing. But I can't find any info or docs that I consider useful to help me adopt the Enigma products for the Electron application I'm developing. I've actually wasted a lot of time scouring online forums for info, tips or tutorials, but there's hardly anything helpful that I could find.

I'm sure providing documentation for Electron developers --- How To's, Tips, Tutorials, Best Practices, etc. -- will be good for your business. I hope you'll be able to provide them soon.

All the best,

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Re: Documentation for Electron EXEs / Applications

Post by Ilya » Sun Mar 03, 2019 5:42 am

Enigma protector is native code protector. Not a js obfuscation tool. To really protect your application you need to use native code language. The V8 JavaScript engine is never designed to hide source code. It keeps source as a simple js file. You need to switch to another technology. Ease of development vs code protection these are different concepts.

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Re: Documentation for Electron EXEs / Applications

Post by Enigma » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:57 pm

Hi Oscar,

As for Electron applications, that's correct that Enigma does not provide obfuscation options for JS files. As far as I see, there are many JS obfuscation tools that you can use before protection with Enigma.

As for licensing and files protection - yes, you can use our products. Licensing can be easy done by enabling just few options. Please take a look at the video, made by our customer, there is shown the most basic settings for licensing:

As for files protection - seems you are talking about Virtual Box feature. Please note, Enigma Protector has a Virtual Box feature inside, that works similar as our freeware solution Enigma Virtual Box. If you plan to use protector for your files, use Virtual Box featre embedded to it and DO NOT USE Enigma Virtual Box. Enigma Protector's Virtual Box is smarter and powerful than Enigma Virtual Box and it serves for protection of the files, not just embedding (like Enigma Virtual Box does).

Apart of Virtual Box, I know that Enigma API can also be used inside Electron that helps to make protection even stronger. So that would also be a good idea to use Enigma API inside application.

As a truth, personally, I did not have a chance to play with Electron, but some of our customers are using Enigma Protector for Electron files protection. If you could participate, I would be happy to help to create some powerful tutorial for Electron developers of how to protect their files.

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