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Enigma VB crashes various Applications randomly?

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 4:51 pm
by clragon
Hi there,

I'm currently using Engima VB to wrap a AutoIT Exe and various other Things into 1 executable.

Later in this Process, a Batch file as well included in the boxed application runs other either on the PC already installed or boxed exe files. It seems like these would start to crash randomly while they are working...
Crash means : <application> is not reacting. [Debug] [Close]

For example, RoboCopy (installed), SDELTE (boxed) or WMIC (installed).

One of the crashes caused by WMIC was when i tried to set the priority of all cmd.exe processes to a higher number. After removing this line of code it worked again. I still would like to include it.

I have no Idea what it is with the RoboCopy and SDELETE tho.
SDELETE even crashed while agreeing its own EULA. ( seems to be a check in registry task )

The Batch works fine if its not inside a box. None of the provided applications are crashing on the outside.
I'm currently on Windows 10 and I'm using the newest Version of Enigma VB.

I'd appreciate some help.

Re: Enigma VB crashes various Applications randomly?

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:47 pm
by Enigma
Hi, that's difficult to say what could be wrong there.

The one possible reason - all features on the Options panel should be enabled in order to use the scheme like you described. Make sure these options are enabled.

If this does not help, send us all non packed files to reproduce the problem at, we will try to check it out.