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Enigma Virtual Box and AppLocker Problem

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:21 pm
by encodo

We use Enigma Virtual Box for an Electron application and everything worked fine until a client started to harden their system using Microsoft AppLocker. Basically AppLocker is an application that allows whitelisting the execution within certain paths for certain users/user groups. When AppLocker is configured to only allow the execution of applications within certain paths the Electron application displays the error

Cannot load library node.dll

in a dialog box (even though the path where the Electron application is stored is on the whitelist). When the user presses "Ok" the application is terminated.

As far as I understand, Enigma Virtual Box presents all the packaged files as "virtual files" to the application and doesn't unpack the files into the file system. So my assumption is that AppLocker blocks the application from loading the packed DLLs from the location where they are presented to the application (because this location is not on the AppLocker whitelist).

Has anybody else faced this or similar problems? Does anybody know under which paths Enigma Virtual Box presents the packaged files to the application?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Re: Enigma Virtual Box and AppLocker Problem

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:51 am
by Enigma
Hi Remo,

Enigma Virtual Box does not extract files on the disk, it does the virtualization in memory only, thus it is very strange that such error appear there. Probably, AppLocker works as intermediate level between application and protection and does not allow application's call to reach the protection...

As an idea, could you try to enable running from TEMP folder? EVB uses temporary files for working process, maybe this helps.