Two Problems of boxed program

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Two Problems of boxed program

Post by gigasmash » Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:39 am

When I use I enigma virtual box to pack my program, I have found two problems:

1.If I use Windows Media Player ActiveX Control to play video files in my program and pack them(main program and video files), it cannot work. Later I find that if the packed program was running on Windows 7 with Media Player 12, the video could not play. But it works well on Media Player 11 or lower version.

2. if I put extra EXE files in some subfolder under %DEFAULT_FOLDER% and packed the program("AllowRunningOfVirtualExeFiles" option is on), the extra EXE files can not excute in Windows XP but work well in Windows 7. But when I create an empty dirctory with same name of the subfolder, it works.

Hope the problems will be fixed in next version, thanks.

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Re: Two Problems of boxed program

Post by Enigma » Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:38 am

Hi gigasmash,

1. I can't tell you exactly, but probably, packing of the newest version of Windows Player may not be possible at all. Windows added file checksum checkup in the latest versions of Windows, so any modification of the file makes it unworkable.
So I think it is not an issue of Enigma Virtual Box.

2. Please send us non packed example to test this issue at and we will try to check it out and fix.

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