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Post by Enigma » Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:55 pm

Enigma Virtual Box v7.20 Build 20141013
- Fixed problem with CreateProcess function for x64 applications
- Fixed issue with ZwQuerySecurityObject
- Added Vietnamese translation
- Some problems fixed with the Registry Importing feature

Enigma Virtual Box v7.10 Build 20131218
- Added ability to import registry data from .reg files
- Improved handling of files with sections of zero virtual size
- Bug fixed processing particular exe and dll files (Watcom files)
- Bug fixed with memory leaks when create a new virtual process
- Bug fixed when adding files into virtual tree (files were not added)

Enigma Virtual Box v7.00 Build 20131111
- Improved read and write file operations handling (bug caused access denied error)

Enigma Virtual Box v6.90 Build 20131107
- Added handling of ZwNotifyChangeDirectoryFile function
- Improved handling of ZwSetInformationFile function

Enigma Virtual Box v6.80 Build 20131003
- Bug fixed loading virtual dll files under Windows 8 x64
- Bug fixed running some virtual exe files on Windows 8
- Bug fixed processing particular files

Enigma Virtual Box v6.70 Build 20130604
- Bug fixed running multiple instances of virtual processes

Enigma Virtual Box v6.60 Build 20130402
- Improved packing of big files
- Improved handling of manifest files

Enigma Virtual Box v6.50 Build 20130313
- Improved virtualization of dll files

Enigma Virtual Box v6.40 Build 20130222
- Improved handling of asynchronous read-write operations under virtual files
- Bug fixed processing particular files