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Empty files if set to never write to disk

Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:52 pm
by MilesAhead
Hi. I have just downloaded latest EVB and am trying it out. I have an executable file, that launches another executable if the user chooses an option. Also it uses ShellExecute to display a readme.txt file and .hjt TreePad file by Windows file association. It also has 2 .ico files of different colors to display program state in the Task Tray.

If I leave all files set to default "never write to disk" it shows the .ico files fine. But the secondary executable generates a file not found error. The readme and help files display empty files(since the associated programs see no file is there to open and assume you want to create a new empty file.)

If I set the readme, secondary exe and other files to either always write to disk or write if not exists, everything works.
It seems like the program can pick up on file open calls but has an issue with ShellExecute.

I'm just curious if I can get it to work with only the boxed exe file showing on the hard drive.

edit: a bit more info. Perhaps there's a glitch because the main exe is really an AutoIt3 script compiled to exe.
It uses the script folder location as returned by @ScriptDir macro with a backslash and filename appended to find the file(s) to open.


Re: Empty files if set to never write to disk

Posted: Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:29 pm
by Enigma
Hi MilesAhead,

Really, you have enumerated common 2 disadvantages of Enigma Virtual Box.

1. You have added the executable file with the option "Never write to disk", Enigma Virtual Box supports virtualization of all kind of files except executable (*.exe) files. Enigma Virtual Box supports virtualization inside a "packed" process and not child process
2. When you call ShellExecute the newer process is being created by the system and virtual environment is not shared with this process. This is because txt file can't be opened.

All these 2 things are on the top of our TODO list and they will be finished until the end of this year or even faster. But for now, it is impossible to make with version 1.21.

Re: Empty files if set to never write to disk

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:43 pm
by MilesAhead
Thanks for the explanation. Even if I have to write out the helper exe it will avoid the problem of the user deleting the helper program because he doesn't know what it is and doesn't think he needs it.

Thanks for the utility. :)