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32 bit packed works while 64 bit freezes

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2016 10:22 pm
by Fabius
Hi, i'm using latest version of EVB (7.40).
I'm packing one CSV file and some DLLs into 2 executables of my app: one is compiled for 32bit and one is 64 bit.
The 32 bit one works with no problems, while the 64 freezes has some problems: on Windows 7 it freezes on startup, on Windows 10 the app starts but freezes in several occasions, for example whenever i close a dialog, or when i open a "folder selection" dialog (obviously unpacked app doesnt have any of this issues).
I even tried to use EVB on the x64 executable without packing anything into it, and the issue happens anyway, so it's not caused by any file i'm packing into it.
I'm wondering how to fix this.
Thanks in advance!