problem with starting apps

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problem with starting apps

Post by Axwell » Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:42 pm

I want to ask u about your free VB. Can u tell me, how can I start my second exe in it? It's working very bad. And question about pass command line. How its work? Can't get it. My target is to launch second exe in a package without writing it on a disk cuz I want make a portable program. So I thought if I make a parameter in a pass command line and start program with this param it will launch second exe, but it doesnt.
and problem with running file (if I made command in my main prog smth like "start aaa.exe") only happens if u started main boxed app in its folder. running from cmd will not start app. If I make absolute start command "start C:\\aaa.exe" it will not found it.
How can I solve my problem and start my second exe without writing on a disk? no matter how (pass command or just with default virtualization). but if u explain how to use pass command line it would be useful not only for me (cuz I didnt found any info about this func in google and in your help file in program its not exis cuz theres (in help file) presented 3rd ver of VB.
Pls help.
Regards, Max.

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Re: problem with starting apps

Post by Enigma » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:13 am

Hi Max,

As discussed by email, you have to check all checkboxes on the Options panel to make it works.

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