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The Enigma Protector: Generating Registration Keys

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:10 pm
by Majid
Hi EveryOne

This tutorial will learn you how to generate registration keys for your protected application.
Further more you will learn some important points!

This tutorial is the exact exe version of this post: ... =27&t=1473

It is recommended to see "Initial Settings" and "Hardware-ID Protection" tutorials too.

Link: Download The Attachment
Duration: 5 min and 50 seconds
Generating Reg
Note1: You can pause\resume tutorial by pressing "SPACE", But first you should click once inside the tutorial window!
Note2: You can post your problems or comments as reply, related to this Tutorial ...
Note3: Please If you find a wrong word in guides inform me it via PM.

Hope You Enjoy :D