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The Enigma Protector: Protecting Adobe Captivate executable

Posted: Fri May 13, 2011 9:50 am
by Enigma
This tutorial is written based on the following versions of softwares (we can't guaranty that this method will work with other versions):
- The Enigma Protector 2.50 x86
- Adobe Capativate 5

Note, due to internal integrity check, Adobe Capativate executables require additional patching after protection. Below I detailed explain how to protect executable and then patch it.

Ok, let's follow below step:
1. Run Enigma Protector and Select executable made by Adobe Capativate in the Input panel, EnigmaTest.exe
2. Select Output file name in the Output panel, assume it is EnigmaTest_protected.exe
3. If you need another options to be set in the Enigma Protector - please set it. Then click Protect button
After protection is done, try to run protected file. It will not start, it is because it requires additional patching against self check
4. Download attached archive and extract it. Run extracted adobe_cp_patcher.exe
In the appeared interface enter
- The original file, file created by Adobe Capativate, the file that you entered in the Input panel of Enigma Protector
- The protected file, file you chose in Output panel
5. Click Patch button and wait until patcher completes with the success message.
Now try to run protected and patched executable, it will be started well!

Re: The Enigma Protector: Protecting Adobe Captivate executa

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:39 am
by annabil23
thank you :) :)