Integration with eCommerce platforms

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Integration with eCommerce platforms

Post by Ajax » Tue Jun 17, 2014 10:37 pm

We're on the verge of purchasing Enigma Online Solutions, but first I need to figure out how to integrate it with our eCommerce platform (PrestaShop) to allow automated registration of the protected application. We'll be using Paypal to handle money transactions.

I'd like to realize the following purchasing and upgrade scheme. I'm aware some of it will have to be handled at the PrestaShop side and some at the Enigma and Activation Panel side.

After the customer purchases the program, access should be given to unlimited downloads of the protected application and updates. However, I'd like on every update for users to have to re-register the application. I guess this is done by changing the keypair for each update. In this way, customers with refunded orders or a person with a stolen key will not be able to have access to application updates even if they download the application updates from a 3rd party.

Under this scheme, is the Online Activation Panel still useful or would it require a custom solution?

Does the Enigma Team help in the development of such kind of scheme? If so, about how long would it take to have a workable solution?

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