My registration info does not work

Post here questions regarding registration of Enigma Protector
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My registration info does not work

Post by Enigma » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:45 am

In this topic I offer to post problems with activation of Enigma.

Based on many questions regarding registration, I've noticed that the following mistakes usually occurs when registering Enigma:

1. The registration name for Enigma (for Enigma Protector ONLY, this item does not relate to your own applications protected with Enigma) contains from 2 parts (usually), first part is your first and last names, second part is your email address.
For example, your name is Peter Muller and email, then, usually, your registration name for Enigma will look the following:
Peter Muller (
note, that the registration name contains only 2 space symbols - after first and after last names. There is not space symbols before and after email address.

I'm writing it so carefully because sometimes your email clients transform such registration names to a email link and add space symbols after and before email address.

2. This issue may be related to any applications protected with Enigma. Registration keys for Enigma are long, and approx size of these keys is 102 bytes.
When you enter this key in registration dialog, do not allow return of carriage in the reg key string. For example, if you enter the following reg key - it will be invalid:
valid one:

3. If you still have problems with registration (Enigma somehow does not register) you may create a registry file and register Enigma throuth the registry file. Just create empty file with the name license.reg, open this file in notepad and paste there following info:

Code: Select all


"Name"="Peter Muller ("
Note, except written here reg. name and key you should enter your ones.
Then save this file and double click on this. You will get a message with offer to add info into register, click "Yes". Then open Enigma, if all the actions you have done correctly - Enigma become registered.

4. If you still have problems, write me back

5. Also, I have noticed that some users can't send me emails from his own accounts, you may use free support form there:

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