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Software Billing Panel - Introduction

Posted: Fri May 06, 2011 9:42 am
by Enigma
What is Software Billing Panel?

Software Billing Panel is really a web site that allows to handle orders and customers assigned with your software.
If you are software developers, and you want consolidate all incoming orders for all your existing applications and automatically process online activation, orders managing, customers manging, then Software Billing Panel is your choice!

What can Software Billing Panel do?

- It can accept incoming orders from automatic registrars like Shareit, Avangate, Regnow, Plimus, automatically generate licenses/registration keys and send them to user. From the other side, if you want to create an order manually, you can do freely
- Consolidate all customers that are using your software, allow simple web interface for customers to access own account with new versions update, license information and so on
- If your software based on a "subscription for new versions" model then Software Billing Panel allows automatically process subscription process and does not allow user to download newer version if subscription is expired
- You do not need to use email confirmations for users regarding new versions update, users may simply log in to their account and download latest available versions. Also, if you want to note all of users regarding some important changes or versions update you may use New feature or just generate automatically emails and send them to customers

How does it work:

Once the system is configured, it is waiting for an incoming orders from registrars. Registrars should be set to call remote keys generate (that named as Purchase Link) when new orders comes.
1. Once order comes, the system processes it, and based on a email of the order it creates (or uses existing) new client account. Also, depending on the settings, control panel sends to user Login Information (so client may come, log in and download available version), generate license/registration information or send an Activation Id (if Online Activation is used)
2. Once client gets this email, he logs in to the Control Panel, download available version and registers it (or activates of Online Activation is used)

DEMO Software Billing Panel is located there:
Administrator login/password - admin/admin
Client login/password - client/client

Summary description of interface:
- Products - the products that are assigned with the Software Billing Panel, these products allowed for ordering
- Versions - versions of the products, including download links to the setup files. These versions will be shown to client when he will log in
- Tab - this is sub-pages that client sees when log in to the control panel. For example, one tab may shown the versions for downloading, another - licensing information etc
- Keys Generator - keys generator is being called when new order is coming or activation is performing. Result of working of keys generator is a registration key
- Purchase Link - it is a configured url string, that will be embeded into registrar as a remote keys generator, so control panel could process orders
- Activation Link - url that is used for Online Activation
- New Orders - use it to create new order manually
- Orders - list of all orders
- Customers - list of all clients

Software Billing Panel is now in development and is being tested by few our users. If you are customer of Enigma Protector more than half year and you have active subscription plan for new versions you may contact us at to get it.

Software Billing Panel written using PHP 5 (or higher) and MySQL database.

Re: Software Billing Panel - Introduction

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 6:29 pm
by soekris
Is still under development or is discontinued?


Re: Software Billing Panel - Introduction

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:35 pm
by Enigma
Hi soekris,

It is in development, but there is a stable version that is used by few customers successfully within 1 year.

If you would like to use it too, contact to

Re: Software Billing Panel - Introduction

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:49 am
by Enigma
mariareese wrote:Is there any help for getting desktop software for billing and accounting ..?
Please contact our support team at, our engineers will consult you to get it setting up for you.