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Timestamp Error

Posted: Wed May 03, 2017 8:21 pm
by edpjeverett
Hey there!

I've recently been encountering a Taggant error when protecting my software. This was not a problem until very recently - the retrieval of the timestamp fails with error code 8.

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Taggant: Prepare taggant
Taggant: Certificate is valid
Taggant: Compute hashes
Taggant: Put timestamp, make sure internet connection is alive
Taggant: Warning, failed to get timestamp, error code: 8
Taggant: Successfully placed to the file
Seems that others also have the same problem as me. ... f=6&t=9988 ... f=6&t=9981

It looks like you're using the ReversingLabs Taggant packer? Could this be an error on their end with their timestamp server or similar? I can't see any list of error codes in the documentation so I have no idea what error code 8 is!

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