DEMO Viruses Detection on VT

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DEMO Viruses Detection on VT

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I was planning to purchase the licensed and premium version but upon testing the DEMO protection to my files it generated output with a lot of virus detections.

Unprotected File: ... ?nocache=1

Protected File with Enigma: ... 0e560fb022

Now my question is, will it be the same output INFECTED even if licensed?
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Re: DEMO Viruses Detection on VT

Post by utsav »

I am facing same issue, which is describe above, Now I am confuse to purchase this software or not, please help
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Re: DEMO Viruses Detection on VT

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Hello, false positive detections, unfortunately, sometimes could happen with protected software.
This is caused by mistake of antivirus, that finds something malicious in protected file.
Really, there is no any kind of virus or unwanted software inside protection or protected file, this is an error from antivirus side. False positive detections happen hrandomly, there is no option in Enigma Protector that could affect that. We also can do nothing with that since it is a problem of antivirus software.

If false positive detection happened, we recommend following two ways in order to solve that:
1. Use code signing certificate to digitally sign protected file. This usually helps to avoid such problems
2. Submit protected file to antivirus developers and ask to fix problem, they usually quickly help. Almost each antivirus has special ways to submit such samples, eg, Windows Defender has the following web form:

There is also no guaranty that false detection appear on particular file, at particular moment. So we are unable to know if it will appear for your file or no.
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