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Running protected .exe through another .exe

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:19 am
by bonewolf

I am having the same issue as this guy had: ... f=6&t=8928

If I protect a .exe, it MAY fail to load if run by another .exe - which is how the software must be run.

Adding to this guy's issue, here are a few info about our case:

1) It doesn't happen for all users of our software: some can run the .exe from another .exe, some cannot.
2) It doesn't seem to depend on the OS.
3) If I protect the executable without the "WinAPI Emulation" flag, everyone is able to run the .exe from another .exe. "WinAPI Redirection" doesn't cause problem, only Emulation does. If I remove the Emulation tho, I'm losing some protection functionalities I'd like not to lose.

Any solution to this issue?