Enigma EP_RegHardwareID Question

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Enigma EP_RegHardwareID Question

Post by Dave1234 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:29 pm

Hi Guyz
Just a Quick question about EP_RegHardwareID
the EP_RegHardwareID is result of harddrive, motherboard serials ?

and after updating windows or drivers does it change ?
or under what circumstances given hardware id can change ?


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Re: Enigma EP_RegHardwareID Question

Post by Enigma » Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:09 am

Hi Dave,

EP_RegHardwareID is the result of the settings that are specified at Registration Features - Hardware Lock.

As regarding changing and so on:
1. System volume serial number - changes after formatting
2. System volume name - can be edited by user, so can change
3. Computer name - also specified by user
4. CPU Type - does not change even after reinstallation of Windows
5. Motherboard - used for Windows XP and more ancient versions of Windows, should not be used for recent Windows versions
6. Windows Serial Key - keeps same for the same version of Windows is re-installed
7. HDD Serial - does not change even after reinstallation of Windows
8. Windows user name - specified by user

If the hardware id for user changed, you can use the utility in main menu Tools - Hardware ID Checker to compare hardware id to check what is changed there.

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