Encrypt with hardware id

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Encrypt with hardware id

Post by Riski1588 » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:00 am


I'm interested in using the "Encrypt with hardware id" functionality of Enigma, the problem I have is that I'm using it to protect a DLL which will get updated.

The function works fine, but if I update the DLL I would need to open Enigma and generate 20+ DLL's for different users, is there a way to automate this?


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Re: Encrypt with hardware id

Post by Enigma » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:29 am

Hi, this is good function that provides good protection but it has so low flexibility.

1. If you prefer to use this feature then you can use console version of Enigma Protector, this is a file enigma32.exe in the installation folder. To protect the file it requires one parameter - project file. Project file is an XML file with a very simple structure. So, you can build a very simple application, that changes the Hardware ID in XML project file and then calls enigma32.exe with this project file. So, using the loop, you can protect file for each hardware id, for each customer.

2. The most flexible and widely used way to lock application to particular computer would be using hardware locked licenses. In this case, you can disable running of protected file without active license, and just issue a hardware locked license key for each your customer. Based on this, you will have just one protected copy of your dll that will be delivered to all your customers and after that you could generate a separate license key for each installed copy.

Maybe the second way would be more sufficient for you?

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