Enigma API and enigma_ide.dll

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Enigma API and enigma_ide.dll

Post by Enigma » Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:07 am

The common misunderstanding of a lot of Enigma users is a purpose of enigma_ide.dll usage. Firstly, you should know, that enigma_ide.dll had been made for testing purposes only, and only in case if your application is using Enigma API. You may find enigma_ide.dll in installation folder Examples\Enigma SKD\ + any child folder.

So, the purpose of enigma_ide.dll library:
when you add Enigma API into your application and are trying to execute compiled exe/dll, you will get a message that enigma_ide.dll is not found. This library is developed for eliminating this problem, it allows you to execute your non protected (just compiled) exe/dll. If you copy enigma_ide.dll into folder with your project, after starting it will not ask for the enigma_ide.dll.

But note, all the functions in enigma_ide.dll are EMPTY, and always returns null (unsuccessful) values. After you protect your exe/dll, Enigma API will return real values without fails.

Remember, that after protecting you do not need to distribute enigma_ide.dll together with your application. It is needed ONLY for testing/debugging!

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