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Request for basic protection tips

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:20 am
by nubcake
i used to administrate and develop multiplayer online game server and now i am back again with a new project, but unfortunately i have lost my previous settings for game client protection,like all kind of blacklists of debuggers,dangerous drivers etc,tricks like check files for alteration and since "packing&protecting" wasn't my kind of thing,it took me over a month to collect manually all the intel on that stuff and now i am starting all over again from 0 and unfortunately i can't find enough time for google research like i used to back in the days.

so can anyone share some useful tips how to use enigma to the max in protecting game client from file alteration,debugging,memory editing?
some kind of tutorial would be appreciated.

and a list of dangerous file exploring and cracker tools ,drivers,process names,debuggers would be least one of the most popular ones like OlyDb for example