Key generation with custom string

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Key generation with custom string

Post by Gruffy » Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:00 pm


Is it possible to generate a key using an additional string? I need to bind the registered software to a particular USB device that has a unique serial number, I would then check this embedded string against the device serial number at startup (like Hardware ID, but implemented in my code). One way that I could accomplish this would be to "misuse" the Registration name field but I would like to avoid that.

I've seen in the Registration Dialog Designer that one possible input content can be "coCustom", but I have found no reference to that.

Any ideas?


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Re: Key generation with custom string

Post by Enigma » Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:49 am

Hi Gruffy,

Yes, you are right, the only way to do so - misuse registration name.

To my mind, having additional data/field for the key (like you require) is useless. If you are programmer and you can make changes in the code of your application, you can simply make own registration dialog (that also can be done through plugins system), where you will ask user to
1. Enter Registration Name
2. You will show to the user your USB serial number
3. Allow user to enter registration key.

To generate/verify registration key for the user just split Registration Name + USB Serial number.

User will ever understand that USB Serial Number is a part of registration key. Even if know it, there is no any vulnerability, everything is safe.

By the way, we plan to add USB Serial Number as a hardware lock for Enigma Protector.

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