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Post by TableMARA » Tue Jan 07, 2014 12:17 pm


Does you solution support (or can it be applied to mimic) software metering?
I am looking to market a software application that will be free.
(nonetheless I still intent to apply a licensing mechanism to protect the software itself and record customer details etc.)

The model to earn money from it is similar to iTunes gift cards that get used up by applying transaction costs.

Customers will have an account and will need to buy a unique non-expiring voucher/card (license?) with a face value of say $10, $20, $50 etc.
Customers can buy as many vouchers as they like, building up a total account balance.
Every time a customer utilizes an aspect of the software they will use up so of their balance.
The transaction cost can vary as certain transactions may cost $0.0007 or $0.0128 (up to 4 decimal places).

For example a customer can buy 3 vouchers of $10+$10+$50 giving them a total balance of $70.
That will then get drawn down over time as the software will charge for its use.
Once its down $0 (or before it gets too low) they go buy some more and so on.

Overall then I need a licensing mechanism that ensures the software stops executing specific transactions (i.e. some class method - C# - will not execute when there is not enough balance in the account or the total sum of all licenses/vouchers are fully used up).

Is it possible to apply what you implemented to the above model?


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Re: Metering

Post by Enigma » Fri Jan 10, 2014 4:47 pm

Hi TableMARA,

Unfortunately, I can't imagine a case when the protection can be used in the case you described.

You probably need some web service, that will count the usage of application depending on the money in the account.
Standard registration scheme, with the license keys can't be working this case.

I think it would be more flexible and better for you to develop own such web service than adopting any other.

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