Running Two Exe Files, Second one as virtual

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Running Two Exe Files, Second one as virtual

Post by Majid » Thu Jan 23, 2014 4:33 pm


I have two console application which I should pass them two lines of command prompt.


exe1 /save text.txt
exe2 text.txt /renameto /"new.txt"

Now I have protected exe1 with enigma and I have imported exe2 as a virtual file in virtual box and in its properties I have set "pass command line" to "text.txt /renameto /"new.txt"", then I have packed it.

I want to only pass first exe file command and it executes second exe file's command automatically which it is located in virtual box now.

For Example for the New protected file:

protectedexe1 /save text.txt

I jut run it and after that it automatically runs exe2 in vitual box and pass its related command line.

is this possible?
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Re: Running Two Exe Files, Second one as virtual

Post by Enigma » Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:43 am

Hi Majid,

With the current functionality it is impossible to do, but it would be possible using plugins for Enigma Protector.

First of all, you can't Pass Command line to virtual files, this feature still does not work for exe files (currently, purpose of this feature is different).

To pass command line to first exe you may use feature Miscellaneous - Command Line.

To run second exe and pass a command line to it you need to use plugins system. You may develop a very simple pluing that will second virtual exe (just by calling of WinExec, or ShellEexcute, or CreateProcess) with necessary command line.

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