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dialog designer help

Post by amaranth » Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:12 pm


Hi, I'm trying to build a nag screen that appears when the player opens a trail-version of a game. I'm not sure how to do a few things.

-I would like to have a button that links to the order page for the game (a url). I want this link to look like the other buttons on the form.

-When I click the Unlock Game button, if the wrong code is entered the nag screen closes. I want to make sure the nag screen stays open if the wrong code is entered.

-How do I show the amount of time left before the trial ends?

-How do I hide "Continue Free Trial" button after there is no time left?

Thanks for your help ahead of time!

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Re: dialog designer help

Post by SeniorEx » Tue Feb 03, 2015 9:22 pm

Use Enigma API to solve all of ur problems , read the help file.

for ex to avoid closing the nag (delphi)

enigma_ide; // the module contains a definitions of Enigma API

function ProcessRegistration(Name, Key : string) : boolean;
Result := fasle;
if EP_RegCheckAndSaveKey(PChar(Name), PChar(Key)) then // check and save registration information
MessageBox(0, 'The Registration information had been saved successfully!', 'Application', 0);
Result := true; // return successful result
MessageBox(0, 'The Registration information is incorrect!', 'Application', 0);

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