How are Enigma plugins protected?

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How are Enigma plugins protected?

Post by bananaboy » Sat Feb 20, 2016 8:12 pm

I'm writing my own Enigma plugin to do some things that I'm not able to do with the main EXE due to not having the source code.

I made a simple OnFinal procedure, which works. I noticed the string values I used in the OnFinal procedure seem to have been encrypted by Enigma. But how is the code of a plugin encrypted, if it is or not?

I tried to add a VM start and end marker to the DLL source code but it wasn't automatically processed by Enigma, I don't think.

Would the process be:

1. Create your Enigma plugin.
2. Protect the plugin with Enigma.
3. Open EXE project.
4. Add already protected Enigma plugin to the Plugins list.
5. Protect the EXE

That's what it seems I have to do now, I think?

It would be super cool if Enigma would read markers from your specified plugin DLLs and process them the same way it does your main EXE.

BTW, I know you can do "Advance Input" but I'm specifically talking about the plugins listed in the Miscellaneous section.


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