Online panel Server Hacked?

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Online panel Server Hacked?

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Since i didn't get any answer by email from the support, and my webmaster told me that the Enigma email addresses could be compromised and consequently not reading my email, i'm posting here on the forum hoping for an answer from Enigma team:

For the past couple weeks i started getting complains from customers that they didn't received the automatic
order email sent by Enigma Online Panel, that is configured to be sent to customer after he makes purchase, something that has been working without problems for the past 3 years.
I contacted my webmaster to check what was happening and he gave me more info about this regarding what was happening with the automatic order emails sent by Enigma Activation Panel.

"JunkMail rejected -
( []:57877 is in an RBL,

and more info here:

The ip in question is from the server where both Enigma online panel and are stored.

So according to him this situation is very bad, Enigma server is on spam list by, supposedly by the fact
of being hacked, infected or something. Can you sort out this situation?
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Re: Online panel Server Hacked?

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Problem is solved, server is removed from blacklist.
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