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Hardware Lock

Hardware Lock

This section provides possibilities for selecting the type of locking the registration key to system hardware or user data. The Enigma Protector has a set of features that provide possibilities to create registration keys locked to a specific computer. These keys will work on just one computer. You can find detailed information on using hardware-locked registration keys in the description of the EP_RegHardwareID function of the Enigma API description section. See also the Keys Generator section.

Types of locking:

  • Volume Serial Drive - the serial number of the system partition of the hard drive;
  • System Volume Name - the name of the system partition of the hard drive;
  • Computer Name - the computer name (name of the currently active system user);
  • CPU type - the type of CPU;
  • Motherboard - information from the motherboard BIOS;
  • Windows Serial Key - the serial key of the installed Windows;
  • Windows User Name - the name of the currently active Windows user account.
Locking type Is the same in different operating systems Is the same after the hard disk drive is formatted or modified Can be modified by the user Can be the same on different computers
Volume Serial Drive yes(*1) no yes (*4) seldom
System Volume Name yes(*1) defined by user (*2) yes seldom
Computer Name defined by user defined by user (*3) yes seldom
CPU type (*5) yes yes no very often
Motherboard BIOS (*5) yes yes no seldom
Windows Serial Key (*7) no yes no seldom
Hard Disk Serial Number (*6) yes the same only after formatting no no
Windows User Name defined by user defined by user (*3) yes seldom

(*1) The condition is effective if operating systems are installed on the same partition of the hard disk drive and the system partition is not changed or formatted.

(*2) The condition is effective if the user enters the same partition name as it was before formatting.

(*3) Formatting or changing a system partition means reinstallation of the operating system. This condition can be accomplished if the user enters the same computer/user name that was in the previous operating system.

(*4) This change can be made only with the help of special software.

(*5) Administrator or Group privileges are needed on Windows NT (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista).

(*6) Hard Disk Serial hardware lock failed to get the serial number if the operation system is installed on a RAID hard disk drive. Usually, the number of RAID disks is no more than 2-5% of all users.

(*7) Windows Serial Key hardware lock may return the same values on the corporate/company version of Windows. If your software mainly belongs to company users, it is recommended to use it together with Windows User Name hardware lock.

Advice: since there are a lot of hardware/software things to generate the hardware ID, it may be difficult to select the best configuration. Our recommendation is to initially use only Hard Disk Serial Number hardware lock. Hard Disk Serial Number remains the same after formatting and reinstalling the operation system, it can't be the same on multiple computers and has a small percentage of failures.

Allow Changes - specifies the number of selected hardware changes. This feature will keep the registration key valid, until the selected hardware is changed the selected number of times. Why can hardware ID be changed? This could happen due to execution permissions (for example, if a motherboard lock is enabled, and the program runs under the administrator for the first time, and without any administrator privileges for the second one, it causes hardware ID change) or due to hardware update (such as changes of the Hard Disk, motherboard, etc) or due to user changes (a computer name or system volume name). We recommend you to set the number of changes to at least 1 for each selected hardware.