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by Iso_DEv
Wed Sep 19, 2018 6:21 pm
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Topic: manage two keys within one Programm
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manage two keys within one Programm

Hello, I would like to manage two independent keys in my Software. One is for User that bought the software and it should not have any restrictions. The second key is optional for those Users, who has a valid License and get a yearly Signature Update in addition. Any solutions for this? kind regards...
by Iso_DEv
Sun Jul 02, 2017 9:14 am
Forum: Basic
Topic: protect two files in one VS Project?
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protect two files in one VS Project?

Hello, I created a Enigma Project to protect the Main Exectuable with its own Settings (e.g. 45days trial...) and furthermore I created another Enigma Project to protect a .Net DLL -that is used as part in the same software- also with its own setting (e.g. 180 days trial period ...). Is there a chan...
by Iso_DEv
Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:35 am
Forum: Problems
Topic: Problems with EP_RegDeleteKey()
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Problems with EP_RegDeleteKey()

I use the EP_RegDeleteKey()
function for deleting registration information. The function works, but it returns 'false'. Is this Problem and a solution known?

Kind regards

Win10 Pro-64 Bit