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Online Activation Panel

A web-based solution for tracking and consolidating all incoming orders for your applications, automating and processing product registration and online activation.

The Online Activation Panel is a web-based solution for tracking and consolidating all incoming orders for your applications, automating and processing product registration or online activation if any. Each time your customer makes an order for your software product, the Online Activation Panel tracks and locates that order in its database, takes care of the product's online activation or makes sure that the registration key is generated and submitted to the customer without any your attendance.

This is a comprehensive kit of order tracking features including order fulfillment, customer tracking and customer relationship management, online product activation, license key generation, automatic newsletter and e-mail submission, version and subscription management.

The Online Activation Panel will be extremely useful to software vendors and shareware developers who wish their order and customer management, as well as product registration/activation procedures were fully automated and unattended.
The Online Activation Panel is a web site that is distributing together with the special versions of Enigma Protector (including x86 and x64 versions) that allows to communicate of the protection with the activation panel.
The Online Activation Panel is offered as service and as standalone website.
- Service intallation performs on our licensing server. Online activation, orders processing, client management and so on are performing on this server too. Service is offered by monthly subscription;
- Standalone website includes full PHP sources of the site (including MySql database scripts) that can be installed on any own server.
How it works?
The most common and simple scheme for online activation and automatic orders processing is looking like that:
Online Activation Panel is integrating into payment processor system. Once the order has came and approved, registrar calls Online Activation Panel. Order is being saved to the database, the new customer record is creating and customer is being notified by email about successful order processing and license information, such as Activation ID. Customer downloads the protected program and runs it. If the program is not yet activated, customer will be asked to enter Activation ID, connect to the internet and activate. While activation, program connects to the Online Activation Panel and checks if the Activation ID exists in the database. If conditions are passed, Online Activation Panel generates a registration name and key based on the hardware equipment of the customer computer and sends this registration information back to program. Program registers and continues to work.

The common scheme can be customized to satisfy almost any needs.
Main Benefits
- Automatic tracking of all incoming orders from registrars (such as Shareit, Avangate, Regnow, Plimus)
- Complete order management, including handling stolen and refunded orders, adding orders to the order database manually, etc.
- Automatically processed online activation
- License key generation upon online activation or product registration
- Customer tracking and customer relationship management
- Customized client web interface with product news and downloads
- Product and version management
- Customer subscription management (expiry terms, access to version updates and downloads, etc.)
- Bulk newsletter and e-mail submission
Online Activation Online activation is an automatic registration of an application via internet.
Normally, the majority of software applications use a registration scheme in which a user is required to enter the registration name and registration key. If a software developer wants to restrict the use of a license to a single computer, the scheme gets complicated due to a unique user hardware identifier involved (Hardware ID). In this case, the registration is performed as follows:
- A user runs the application that shows the Hardware ID. The user submits the Hardware ID to the developer via e-mail, fax, etc.
- Based on the user name and their Hardware ID, the developer creates a registration key and sends it back to the user.
- The user enters the registration name and key into the program and registers it.
To automate this registration scheme, online activation is used. In case of online activation, the following takes place:
- A user runs the protected application, enters a short activation number (that the user received when purchasing the program) and clicks Activate.
- The program automatically connects to the Control Panel via internet. Depending on the user name specified in the order and the unique Hardware ID, the Control Panel creates a registration key and sends it back to the program.
- The program is automatically registered.
The entire process of registration is performed online with minimum user attendance.
Products, Customers and Orders Management No matter where and how many products you are selling, all of them will be consolidated in Online Activation Panel. All orders from payment processor systems will come to Online Activation Panel.

Each customer is getting access to own account of the panel with the licensing content. Let customer to download the latest available version of software, take license information, handle subscriptions to new versions and license prolongation.

Block customer or order in case of chargeback, refund, or illegal use.

Notify customers about updates and news by sending bulk emails.
Software Protection Online Activation Panel comes with the special versions of Enigma Protector which includes all the power of the standard protector version.

Usage of activation panel is not limited to Enigma Protector only. If you are using any other protection system, or even own one, our engineers will help you to migrate it to Enigma Protector or customize to adopt with Online Activation Panel.
Supported Payment Processors (registrars) Online Activation Panel can be integrated with many payment processing systems. But if you did not find your registrar in the below list then you may contact to our support team and ask to review the registrar you are using to add it to activation panel. In any case, Online Activation Panel supports manual order processing too.

Registrars that are tested and supported by Online Activation Panel:
- PayPal -
- ShareIt -
- Avangate -
- Plimus -
- PayProGlobal -
- RegNow -