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Getting Started

The most important thing in module protection is the correctness of protection scheme building. Even the most sophisticated protection options can be easily eliminated by crackers in case you made an error while applying the protection. There are several pieces of advice one has to follow to make module protection really difficult for cracking:

  • if you are using registration keys features, it is strongly recommended to use crypt macros to limit the functionality of a module. The crypt macros are the highest protection feature, the code between the macros is deciphered only when the module is registered. The unique key data for deciphering are placed only in the registration key, so it is impossible to crack the module without a registration key.
  • the common mistake of software developers is using trial features without any trial limitations. Do not make a trial application fully functional. There are no hundred-per-cent methods to make trial limitations uncrackable, the trial can only provide much more time to make your application stable against cracker attacks.
  • only demonstration versions can fully secure you against crackers. A demonstration version contains only basic functions and has no any special features. These versions can't be cracked because these just don't contain necessary sources.

Let's go!

To create a protection scheme for the module, follow these steps:

  1. Create a unique Enigma project.
  2. Select necessary input parameters.
  3. Select protection parameters.
  4. (Optional) Select trial parameters.
  5. (Optional) Select registration key parameters.
  6. (Optional) Modification of the module source code.
  7. Module protection.