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Message Designer

Message Designer

Message designer is a dialog window for editing messages for different purposes.

Use hyperlink - check this box if you want to place a sentence with the hyperlink on the message window.

Text of the sentence with hyperlink - these words contain semantics of the link.

URL of hyperlink - this string will be forwarded to the user's web browser.

In the trial messages you can insert special strings which will be replaced by the corresponding values:

Variable string Description Related Link
Application Name variable from the project inputs
Application Version variable from the project inputs
Name of the external file that has failed with the external files checkup
File name of the executed process that has failed with the executed processes checkup
Name of the service that has failed with the installed services checkup
Full version of the current Windows
Name of the Virtual Machine
Current Hardware ID
Registration Name
Registration Key
Year of key expiration date
Month of key expiration date
Day of key expiration date
Total number of trial executions
Remaining number of trial executions
Total number of trial days
Remaining number of trial days
Year of trial expiration date
Month of trial expiration date
Day of trial expiration date
Year of start trial date
Month of start trial date
Day of start trial date
Year of end trial date
Month of end trial date
Day of end trial date
Total number of trial execution minutes
Remaining number of trial execution minutes

The variable strings are non case-sensitive.

Message Icon - select the icon that will appear on the message. There are few kinds of icons: Warn (warning), Info (information), Question, Error, File (associated icon of the protected file), None (without icon).

Automatically close this message after seconds - if the option is enabled then this message will be closed within a defined number of seconds after the message has been shown.

Disable OK button for seconds - it disables OK button for the defined number of seconds, within this time it will be impossible to close message window.

Select Message Font - select the font that will be assigned to the whole message window.

Preview - click this button to take a look at how the message window will look.