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Splash Screen

Splash Screen

Allows adding a splash screen to the protected module. Splash screen may be just a picture that will be shown upon the startup of the protected file.

Select picture file for splash screen - the file name of the splash screen picture. The Enigma Protector supports 3 kinds of picture files: BMP, PNG, JPG (JPE, JPEG).

Show at Program Start - the splash screen will be shown at the program start, with this option checked. If you want to show this screen manually by means of Enigma API, then uncheck this option. See also Enigma API EP_SplashScreenShow and EP_SplashScreenHide.

Show on the top of all windows - moves the splash screen onto the top of all windows.

Stop execution when splash screen is shown - execution of the protected file will be stopped when the splash screen is shown. If this option is disabled, then the protected file will continue to execute when the splash screen is shown.

Close on mouse click - the splash screen will be closed only upon being clicked.

Splash screen time to show (milliseconds) - the time during which the splash screen will be displayed. The time is in milliseconds.