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Edit Customer

Here you can enter information about registered users. All fields are optional, you may keep them blank or enter some values. All these fields can also be filled out in the Enigma Mailer. Please, note also that the E-mail field is very important - this is the customer address, which will be used by the Enigma Mailer to send emails. In the right part of the window, there is a list of licenses associated with the current customer. Each customer may have any number of licenses (this is very useful if you use, for example, time-limited keys, - you may quickly generate/extend a license for an existing customer). To add/edit/delete a license click the following buttons.

Additional Parameters - set up additional parameters for the customer record. To set up a list of customer additional parameters, refer to the License Manager Properties. To learn how to access additional parameters through the Enigma Mailer, click here.