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Startup Password

Startup Password

Use password checkup - enables startup password checkup. If this feature is enabled, the user will get a dialog on the file start that asks to enter a password. If the user enters the valid password, the execution will continue, otherwise a message will be shown and termination will take place. To design the message, click Design Message button. You can set any number of passwords and commentaries to each pass. A commentary is any string, it is used only as a reminder and does not affect module workability.

Always ask for password - always ask for a password when the module is executed;

Ask for password only for the first time - ask for a password every execution until a valid password is typed. After you have typed a valid password for the first time, it won't be asked anymore.

Ask in days - once a valid password is typed, the dialog will be shown again after a defined number of days.

Hide password symbols - if option is enabled, the password symbols will be hidden/replaced with "*" symbol. Otherwise, the password will not be hidden;

Allow to change password - allows the user to change the startup password. Note that this feature works for one password per PC only. For example, if the user uses 2 passwords on one PC and decides to change the first one, it will be possible; if the user decides to change the second one, they will succeed as well, but the first password will return to the original one.

To add, edit, delete the password, press the following buttons.

Password designer