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Registration keys features

Choosing parameters used for registration keys features. The Enigma Protector supports options to generate registration keys for protected modules that will allow you to easily convert software to shareware and distribute registration keys to customers. The registration keys create dependencies on user information, user's hardware (optional), key creation date, key expiration date (optional), names of crypted sections (optional). These features provide a flexible system to create protection of the existing modules with limited usage. A dissymmetric algorithm of enciphering identical to RSA algorithm with a 512-bit length is used to create registration keys. It provides an exceptionally high level of security for the protected module, preventing the reconstruction or reversing of a registration key. It is necessary to define the parameters of registration information storage and type of hardware locking before module protection (See Program Overview)

The registration of the protected module can be carried out in the following ways:

  1. Use of files with the registration information. Subject to the selected registration info storage option, it can be sent to user as a reg file (the user will need to add data from the reg file to the Windows registry by running the file) or as a key file (the file with the registration information will have to be copied into the folder specified in the Registration data storing panel).
  2. Use of internal Enigma API functions for checking, reading, saving, deleting the registration information. In this case you should make respective alterations in the source code of the module, provide dialog windows for entering the registration information, provide the registration information for checking and saving.